Note: Only Dashlabs can create signatories.

  1. Log in to your Dashlabs account.

  2. Choose Laboratory

  3. Go to "SETTINGS"

  4. Scroll down, go to "SIGNATORIES"

A. Click on "CREATE"

1. LABORATORY USER -by clicking the drop down icon, will give an option to choose lab

user but may also leave as blank.

2. Name - place the name of the medical practitioner such as Med Tech, Nurse etc.

3. LICENSE NUMBER - place the prc number of the person that appears on the name.

4. TITLE - place the proper designation of the person that appears on the name.

5. LABORATORY BRANCHES - click the drop down icon to choose for the location or


6. Drag or upload appropriate Document, Logo or signature from the save files.

B. Click "CREATE" to complete the signatory request.

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