Manage a Patient record

ButtonFunctionLink / Remarks

Update patient

Update patient information

Patient services

Manage patient service. Will redirect to a filtered table of the selected patient's patient services.

Laboratory branches

Access control: manage branch access to this patient


Access control: manage client access to this patient

to be deprecated


Connect patient record to a Patient Dashboard

Patient audit logs

Access control: See view & modification history

Send logs

See log history of results sent by email/sms

to be replaced by Notification Logs

Patient duplicates

Merge duplicate patient records

Update Patient record

  1. Click on Update Patient in the Patient Page

  2. You will be redirected to a pre-filled patient form, where you can update values as needed.

View Patient Audit Logs

  1. Click on Patient Audit Logis in the Patient Page

  2. You will be redirected to a filtered view of patient logs

Delete Patient

Patients may be deleted from the Patient Update information page. Simply toggle the box and click Confirm.

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