Add Patient

The following table shows how patients can be added to


Public form

Share a link or QR code & allow your patients to fill in their own information.

This page

Patients table: Forms

Adding a patient through the patient table page

This page

APE/PEME: Site Operations

Add patient individually or by bulk from the Site Operations page

Finance: POS System - Cashier

The cashier can add a patient from the PoS Terminal

Finance: Corporate Management Portal

Allow corporate clients to register patients from their own portal

Pubilc Form

The public form is a special page that can be accessed by non-dashlabs users. This allows laboratories to share the link (e.g. by QR code) for any patient to register.

The link to the public form can be generated through the /

Patient Table: Forms

With this method, the user has more flexibility in adding the patient. They are able to select:

  1. Which branch the patient will be added to

  2. Which form to use

The user will be redirected to the chosen form

1. Accessing the Patient Forms page

Select the Forms button on the patients table.

2. Select the desired branch

If the user does not want to associate the patient to a specific branch, they can leave this box blank

3. Select the desired form

Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the selected form

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