Barcode Settings

Note: Only Dashlab will create Barcode.

  1. Log in to your Dashlab account

  2. Click on the laboratories that request barcode Ex. Vedders Laboratory

A. From Laboratory Homepage SCROLL DOWN and go to SETTINGS.

1. From Settings go to "BARCODE SETTINGS"

2. Click "CREATE" to start creating Barcode

Note: Fill out all the necesarry information needed for each bar.

= NAME: Place the name of the speacific laboratory service, may place general for most of the laboratory services.

= DISPLAY: Use the drop down icon to choose the information that appears for patient`s information.

= TYPE: Use the drop down icon and may choose between DATE or INDEX.

= LENGHT: this can be edited depending on the lenght requested.


= DEFAULT COPIES: numbers and lenght of copies required or requested.

= NOTES: you may place a notes if its necesarry on the box provided.

= Click on "CREATE" once done.

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