Laboratory Services: Setup

A Laboratory Service is the definition / template of a test which a patient can avail. It defines the data (and type of data) that needs to be collected from the patient or diagnostic test.

Create Laboratory Services

Laboratory Service Settings

Laboratory Users are required to set up the following information:

  • Update: Basic information like name, index and barcode settings.

  • Service field settings: Manage medical data record

  • Laboratory Service Variants: Unique code used to log in to the software

  • Laboratory Documents: Signature added to documents when the user’s signature is needed


  • Update is where you can update information like name, index and barcode settings.

Service Field Settings

  • Service field settings is where you add specific fields of laboratory test/services and manage medical data records.

Create Service Field

Steps to create Lab Service Fields:

  • Click Create

  • Select the respective category of your lab service

  • Search and add the specific service field

  • Once you added all the specific service field you need, go back to service field settings

  • Note: if you can't find the service field you need, you can ask for the support team in Viber to add it for you.

  • Open each lab service field by clicking the expand icon

Update Service Fields

Update Display in Service Field Settings

  • In Update display this is where you can update the name, category and index of the lab service field.

  • For example updating display of lab service field Color

Update Units in Service Field Settings (if applicable)

  • In Update units this is where you can update units of the lab service field.

  • For example updating unit of White blood cell, Color has no units so a different sample is shown

Update Reference Ranges in Service Field Settings (if applicable)

  • In Update reference range, this is where you can update reference range of the lab service field

  • For example updating reference range of Specific gravity

Adding Data Collected in Service Field Settings

  • In adding data collected, this determines what kind of data you want to collect, it can be a number, range of numbers or a word.

  • For example, the blood cell count would need to have a field type of “Number,” whereas urine color would need a field type of “Interpretation.”

  • In this example we will use color, so we need to collect word or sentences

  • We want to add pre-selected values where lab users can choose a result by just clicking on the dropdown. Just check pre-selected values

  • Add a list of possible qualitative values for this field and save

  • Once you added all possible qualitative value, click update

Once you completed arranging, adding data collected, adding units and reference ranges, it would look like this.

Add Lab Documents

  • In adding lab documents, search for the document with your laboratory name and respective lab service.

  • If you don't see your lab documents, we offer customization of documents, this can be requested to your assigned RM and they will forward this to the team and make it for you.

Add Lab Service Variants

  • Adding Lab Service Variants makes you group specific lab service fields with another.

  • Grouping Lab service variants makes it easier to set up laboratory products and removes unnecessary lab service fields which the patient did not pay for.

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