Welcome to Dashlabs' user guide and our FAQs list! Be sure to check on this page for any questions or concerns. If you have any more questions that aren't here, you can hit us up at [email protected]
Learn how to navigate and access features within the site. The following descriptions are for each tab which can be found at the left side of your screen. If you are on mobile, these can be found by pressing the three lines at the top left of your screen.


Create patient

Once you select this, you will be brought to the electronic Case Investigation Form (eCIF) for your laboratory.

Retrieve patient

This page is where you can pull up patient forms; there are several ways to do this. Please remember you can only pull up the patient's information if they have filled up the eCIF beforehand.
  • You may ask the patient for their email, and ask them to show you the retrieval code sent to their email.
  • Alternatively, they may also scan the QR code sent along with the retrieval code in the patient's email.


This is the general page where you can find barcodes generated by your laboratory. You can check what time they were created, if the barcodes were printed, and which user created or updated the barcodes. You may also view the prefixes used for certain tests or services done by your laboratory.
  • You can also choose to print the barcodes from this page; just select the amount of barcodes you would like to print by selecting how many rows are visible in the current page. You can choose to print 1 or more copies.


The patients tab is where you can see all of your patients. To see more specific information, please select the icon to the left of their first name to pull up their complete form.
  • A patient can have multiple tests done; to access these individual tests, please go to the Patient Tests tab.
  • You may choose to update information from this page; you can add any identification documents, and change personal information, depending on your account's access.

Patient Tests

The Patient Tests page is where you can track the tests done by your laboratory. You can check the status of certain tests, check if information is correct, update any data if necessary, and validate the following information: requesting client, barcode, patient test package, tag. You can also check if the test has been paid and what price the test is marked at.
  • The second tab named Patient Test Documents is where you can download the certificates and documents for the tests. You can filter the documents by selecting which type of document you would like to see, what test was conducted, the requesting client, as well as the status of the test.
  • You may choose to bulk download the certificates by selecting the Download button.

Patient test results input

This page is where users can input results for the tests conducted. The results are centralized, meaning you don't have to open multiple tabs. You may access individual tests by selecting the drop down arrow on the right side of each test. There, you may input results, impressions, and upload images for the certificate.

Patient test package

This page is to monitor what test packages your clients avail; when the test package was created, and to track which tests they have completed within the package.
  • To check the status of individual tests within a package, select the patient. You will see if each test has been completed, or the sample has been collected and is awaiting further action.

Transport batches

This page is used to track batches of samples that are transported from different areas or different sites. This is also used to track the location of your samples if they move from different parts of the laboratory to other parts.
  • You can also have the option to accept or reject the swab; but this will alert the patient that their swab will need to be retaken. You can check and track all barcodes inside a transport batch, and add any notes for the handlers of the batches.
  • You can also add barcodes into batches, depending on your laboratory's preference.