Patient Service Management

Patient Service: A service availed by the patient, such as a lab test or consultation.


The blueprint/template of each patient service is the Laboratory Service. Configure Laboratory Service in Laboratory Services.


Patient Service Page

Each patient services opens to a page where you can do the following. See Managing a Patient Service for more comprehensive documentation.

  1. Manage patient service / Modify settings

  2. Enter results

  3. Release results

This page can be accsesed through the #patient-service-table


Patient Services Table

Accessing the Patient Services table

  1. Click Patient services on the sidebar of the Laboratory Dashboard

Opening a patient Service

  1. Click on the Expand Icon on the left of a row to open a Patient Service

Managing the Patient Services Table

Searching the Patient Services table

The search bar is on the top-right of the table. You may be able to search by the following parameters.

Search Parameter

Patient Name



  1. Partial word searches are not accepted. You need to complete at least one word of the name For example: Searching sub-word Riz will filter patients with the name Rizal , this applies to both names & barcodes.

  2. Laboratory Services (e.g. Fecalysis, etc) are not searchable. Please use the Filter functionality instead (see below).

Configuring the Patient Services table layout

The patient services table has a few actions. These are the icons on the top-left of the table.



Filter the rows (e.g. by Laboratory service, date, etc)


Select the columns to show on the table


Prints a linelist of the selected rows


Downloads a CSV of selected rows

To be Replaced

Filter Patient Services

  1. Select the parameters to filter

  2. Click close

The table will adjust to show only filtered rows



  1. Select the desired columns

  2. Click Close

The table will adjust to show only the checked columns


  1. Click the Printer icon

  2. You will be prompted to download the PDF

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