Encode Patient Service results

Encoding Results

To encode results, navigate to the patient service & enter the results on the page.

Reference Ranges

Please see Laboratory Services: Setup to configure reference ranges.

Auto selection of reference range

The reference ranges are automatically selected based on the patient information (Age / Sex)

You can choose to override the default selection on the patient result page.

Flagging out-of-bound results

If reference ranges are configured, dashlabs.ai will automatically flag any field/test parameter with values outside (below & above) the pre-defined range.

File upload

The results page allows you to upload files (e.g. XRay images, diagrams, videos etc).

The most common usecase we have seen is the uploading of XRay images, which are printed with the results.

The file upload supports DICOM files. See #dicom-support

DICOM support & PACS viewer

The dashlabs platform has a built in PACS viewer for DICOM files. We support the following PACS functionalities:

PACS viewer

Opening Dicom Files

  1. Click the Application/Dicom file from the results input page

  2. A new tab will open with the PACS viewer

Note: The viewer may load slowly if the file has been uploaded > 7 days ago.

Result actions

there are three result actions that are possible.

Submit, Submit & Complete

Results can be edited as long as the patient service is not yet completed/ finalized.

Both actions will be recorded in the patient service audit logs

Undo Complete

Results can no longer be edited once the patient service has been completed / finalized. You need to Undo Complete the result first.

The Undo Complete action will be recorded in the patient service audit logs.

Machine Integration: Automatically upload results from your machine

Dashlabs.ai offers an addon service for Machine Integration. We will automatically extract the results from your lab machines (e.g. hematology, urinalysis, xray, ultrasound, etc.) & upload the results to the patient service.

Please reach out to your relationship manager to avail of this service

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