Managing a Patient Service

Accessing the Patient Service information page

  1. Navigate to the Patient Service table

  2. Click ont the Expand Icon on left the desired Patient Service row.

Patient Service page

The Patient Service will open to the results page by default.

Please see Encode Patient Service results for more information about Results Input.

Actions for Patient Service management

The top bar indicates the actions available to manage the Patient Service.



Update patient service properties (barcode, etc)

Service field setting

Update laboratory test parameters / fields to collect

Laboratory branches

Access control: Update branches that can see & modify this patient service


Access control: Update clients that can see & modify this patient service

to be deprecated


Access control: See view & modification history

Send Logs

See log history of results sent by email/sms

to be replaced by Notification Logs

Updating Patient Service properties

  1. Click the Update button on the Patient Service navigation bar

Please note that all fields are optional. Usage depends on the needs of your diagnostic lab & results you issue.


Source category

Source of sample (walk-in, referral, etc)

to be deprecated


Sample tag (stat, etc)

to be deprecated


Barcode of sample. Can be autogenerated. See Laboratory Services to configure autogeneration

Collected at

When specimen was collected. To appear in result documents (as needed)

Received at

When specimen was received by lab To appear in result documents (as needed)

Released at

When result was released. To appear in result documents (as needed)

Disposed at

When specimen was disposed. To appear in result documents (as needed)

Collected by Patient

Tickbox if specimen was collected by patient.

Configure Service Field Settings (test parameters / fields)

  1. Click the Service Field Settings button on the Patient Service navigation bar

Service field settings are the definition of test parameters. They define which fields the patient service can collect. The results form will only show ticked Service Field Settings.

Configuration: Default service field settings are configured in the setup of a Store Product..

This page allows you to override the default setup, if needed.

  1. Modification of a Clinical Chemistry test

  2. Modified result input form. Insulin & Creatinine are no longer present.

Laboratory Branch access control

  1. Click the Laboratory Branches button on the Patient Service navigation bar

Add/remove branch access to this patient service.

If no branch selected -> All branches can access this patient service

Configuration: Default branch is defined during the POS checkout process.

Note: Branch access can be configured separately on both the `patient` and `patient service`. Removing branch access from `patient service` will not remove the branch access from the `patient`.

This means that the branch can still view the patient's records

View Logs

  1. Click the Logs button on the Patient Service navigation bar

The `Patient Service Logs` page is a view of all access/modification logs for this patient service (i.e. a filtered view). See Security & Logging for more comprehensive documentation.

Deleteing a Patient Service

  1. Toggle the switch in the delete box (Bottom right of Patient Service Page)

  2. Click Confirm

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