Cashier Onboarding

Retrieving Patient

1. For patients with saved QR codes, select the 'Retrieve patient' tab.
For patients who do not have QR code, see #3
2. You may retrieve a patient's record and have it associated to your lab through either inputting an email and retrieval code or scanning QR code

Billing patients

1. For patients without QR codes but pre-registered, you can search for the patients by
  1. 1.
    Going to "Patients" on the left side bar
  2. 2.
    Typing the patient name in the "Search" bar
  3. 3.
    Selecting the patient from the list of results
2. In the patient's page, click on the "TESTS" tab to see the tests performed on the patient
3. For each collected test, check if the status is paid
4. Open any unpaid tests
5. After collecting payment, mark the patient test as paid and click "UPDATE"