Setting up your Laboratory

We are currently onboarding laboratories manually, please reach out to us ([email protected]) if you would like to integrate.

Creating a Laboratory

  • Please DO NOT create a laboratory for Philippine Red Cross Laboratories. Wait for the DashLabs Team to create and authorize accounts

Creating a Client

(new version of DRU)

  • On the sidebar, click 'settings', then click 'clients'

  • Enter the name and email

  • It will redirect you to the following page

  • Add a child client to the existing client (client of clients) eg chapters handling multiple collection sites

Setting Up Test Types

  • Click 'settings' then 'laboratory tests'

  • Input test information and click create once done

  • Click stages and enter all the stages that the test would require (eg Biocabinet, RNA extraction, PCR)

Setting Up Laboratory Machines

  • Click 'settings' then 'laboratory machines'

  • Enter Machine Name based on naming convention of your lab (eg PLMC PCR 2)

Upload Compliance Documents

  1. Go to "Compliance Documents"

  2. Fill in the information required

  3. Upload the corresponding compliance document

Integrating with CDRS

  1. Send your CDRS Key to [email protected]

  2. Our team will integrate your Laboratory for you

Update Company Address

  1. Go to "Laboratory"

  2. Go to "Address"

  3. Update the information

Update Phone Numbers

  1. Go to "Laboratory"

  2. Go to "Phone Numbers"

  3. Add your Phone Numbers

  1. Go to "Laboratory"

  2. Go to "Logo"

  3. Add your Logo

Add Head Pathologist's e-mail

  1. Go to "Laboratory"

  2. Go to "Head Pathologist"

  3. Update the information