Setup Two-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication and why is it important?

This is a tool that adds an extra layer of security that ensures only you are allowed to enter your account even if another person has your password.

Walkthrough for 2FA Setup

1. Download Google Authenticator (Android, iOS) or Authy
2. In DashLabs, press your first name initial on the upper-right corner
  1. 3.
    Go to the "Two Factor Authentication" Tab
4. You have the option to choose any of the 2FA method
  • Email Authentication
  • Google Authenticator
  • YubiKey OTP
Guide for Google Authenticator as your 2FA
Press "Scan QR Code" then scan the QR Code in the 2 Factor Authentication Tab
Input the 2 Factor Code in your app then enable. Open the app everytime it asks for 2 Factor Token


  1. 1.
    This is required for security reasons, the system has a way of confirming if you have yours enabled so kindly comply
  2. 2.
    2FA by YubiKey and Email is available, but ideal and faster to have an Authenticator App on your phone (wifi/data not needed)