Setting up your account

  • (Optional) Update and Reset Password
  • Once you've signed in, you can access your Home page.
  • In the upper right hand corner of your screen, you'll see your name and email. Select it to open your User Settings.
  • Under the tab General Settings, you can add your Professional Regulation Commission ID.
  • You can select the second tab, Two-factor Authentication, to set up additional security measures for your account. We recommend using the Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication app from the Google Play Store or on the iOS App Store.
    • Once you've downloaded the app, select the Settings icon at the top right of the Authy app. Select Add Account, and scan the QR code present on your Dashlabs page. It will connect your account to the Authy app.
    • Please input the 6-digit number that is shown in the Authy app.
    • Select the check box that reads "Enable two-factor", and press update.
  • Under the fourth tab Signature, you can drag or drop an electronic copy of your signature. Tap the Create button to save your signature. This step is for users whose signatures are needed for certificates.