Support Onboarding

Check tests & Send Results

1. Go to Patient Tests on the left Sidebar and search barcode
2. Click the box with the arrow and select documents
3. Click Download or Send to client on the RT PCR Molecular Lab Certificate (will be present in the live lab)

Accessing Tests with Patient Name

1. Click Patients on Side Bar, search name & open patient record
2. Open patient record and navigate to test tab
3. Open Patient Test and navigate to documents

Records of Order Items

1. Navigate through the navigation bar and look for order items.
2. Click the icon to expand and see more details

Rescheduling of Appointment

1. From the order item, click Update Appointment
2. Choose the desired date and time of rescheduling

Changing of Site

1. Go to Order item and click Update Product
2. There you can choose from other sites available

Appointments Schedule

1. Navigate through the navigation bar and look for the Appointments to see the monthly booking
2. Filter it out between Month, Day, or Agenda